Esperance and Instagram

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West Beach in Esperance. © Jaimen Hudson

Yesterday, the Australian Broadcasting Commission (ABC) website carried a story about the small West Australian town of Esperance.

Apparently, this small town which is 450 miles away from the Western Australia capital of Perth, is undergoing a tourism boom. And all because of Instagram.

The town, which has a population of about 10,000, draws tourists because of its beaches and nearby national parks. According to one of those interviewed by the ABC, an overseas tourist was a rare event. Now, he says, it can be like a league of nations.

The fame which the town is enjoying seems to be due to one man, local photographer – Jaimen Hudson who uses a drone for some shots. He took photos of what the ABC calls “snow white beaches, bubblegum pink Lake Hillier and turquoise water more akin to the tropics.” But it was Hudson’s images of a paddle boarder near whales and dolphins which recorded over 2.5 million views on Instagram.

That, in turn, caused people to decide to visit the area so since the images were loaded on the social media site, people from around the world have descended on the town. The ABC doesn’t say how many overseas tourists have travelled to Esperance but the story suggests that accommodation is tight in the town and that it is having a few problems in catering to this number of visitors. It isn’t just people from nearby countries that are visiting. Germans, Scandinavians and Britons has seen the Instagram images and are visiting the town to see the views for themselves.

The local paper, The Esperance Express, notes that tourist numbers are up but doesn’t attribute it, necessarily, to Instagram or Hudson. But when you see Hudson’s photos on the local tourism website, Tourism Esperance, you can see why people would want to visit.


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