Wallabies in Sydney

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Normally these animals are seen further away from the middle of Sydney!

The journey of a swamp wallaby across Sydney Harbour Bridge and onto an expressway must be both a blessing and a problem to those people looking after Australian and NSW tourism.

For years they have been criticised because they ran an advertising campaign showing a kangaroo on a beach. Locals retorted that kangaroos and wallabies just aren’t seen in the inner city and, suggesting that they do appear, is misleading visitors to the country.

Locals will now have to think again.

Tens of thousands of people have watched various videos of the animal on You Tube and over 900 different media outlets have carried the story. All this coverage will confirm to some that you can see kangaroos/wallabies in the middle of Sydney. For the tourist boards it has given covered to the city and the country that would cost millions to buy. The problem they now face is trying to persuade visitors that they are very unlucky to see marsupials hopping through the central part of Sydney.

The videos show the animal was in the lane for the eastern suburbs so maybe it was planning on spending the day at Bondi Beach (wouldn’t that be tourism promotion gold for Tourism Australia!)

The police finally cornered the animal and took it to Taronga Zoo which is just north of the harbour bridge and where it is recovering before being returned to the wild. One tweet from Sarah on the zoo’s Twitter account pointed out that the wallaby most likely came from bushland around Harold Reid Reserve/Sugarloaf Creek.  But the next comment is the more important one. It says “We are always seeing swamp wallabies here and v. close to Harbour Bridge.”

It means, tourism officials, that wallabies are much closer to central Sydney than locals want believe. You can run ads with wallabies/kangaroos in Sydney without fear of local opposition because the world has seen the video and knows it to be true.

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