The big holiday booking weekend is coming

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a beach in the Canary islands

The, Canary Isles will probably be a popular booking destination this weekend despite the strength of the euro

Many in the travel industry think that this weekend will be the busiest of the year for summer holiday bookings.

Many tour operators and airlines are having sales or offers that make purchasing now a more attractive proposition. The big question for the industry is whether we will respond. We have two travel agencies in our nearest town and neither have been very busy on the two occasions I have wandered by this week by that is no guide as fewer people holiday away from my area than is the average, the reason being that many count this area as a holiday destination in the first place. But whereas thirty years ago high street travel agencies would have been packed with people, today, holidaymakers can research and book from their armchairs so fewer of us go into the high street. What will remain the same is that tour operator boses will actively pore over the previous day’s sales figures to seek reassurance that this will be a good year for them.

Krabi in Thailand. Will long haul holidays be more popular this year?

Whilst promotions, sales and offers do attract many people, bad weather also encourages us to book. A balmy Christmas and new year seems to produce fewer holiday bookings. The last three weeks has produced two storms – Dylan and Eleanor – strong winds, snow and rain. This weekend is supposed to be cold with overnight frost. In addition we are seeing pictures of snow in Florida, the edges of Niagara Falls freezing and flooding in Europe. The combination of this bad weather might encourage us to go and book a holiday in the sun.

We are also influenced by television series. Will we remember those journeys made by Sue Perkins, Joanna Lumley, Julie Walters and Kate Humble to name just a few and book holidays in their footsteps?

Anyone watching the cricket in Australia will have seen the good weather, high temperatures and dry conditions (apart from that rain in Melbourne) and be thinking that they would like some of that. Could this be a bumper year for long haul travel since the pound is probably going to buy more in local currency compared to what it would buy in the Eurozone? It looks as though there will be a further drop in sterling against the euro making many popular destinations more expensive when we get there. But will holiday makers take that into consideration when booking?

Blackpool Tower

Or will more people plump for staycations? Blackpool Tower plus the pleasure beach

Another possible impact on holiday bookings was the story a few days ago from Which? that said it has evidence that some holidays could be bought cheaper outside the sales and offers period. Will people remember that when it comes to booking and be cautious or sceptical of all these offers.

It will be more interesting when I go into a much larger town on Saturday afternoon where there are at least five travel agencies. How will they be doing?

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