Welcoming in 2018

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Across the world people have been celebrating the beginning of 2018.

Whilst some people got together in the village local many more, many millions more have gone out for the evening to enjoy fireworks, light displays, camaraderie and the odd glass of champagne – the traditional way to see in a new year.

The growth of interest in seeing in the new year has prompted cities to outdoor themselves in trying to host the most extravagant, the most jaw-dropping and the most appealing event. Why? Because it brings in revenue and premium revenue at that. A hotel night might cost £100 on a dull night in November. At new year, a room can bring in three times that or even more. Restaurants and pubs are full with some being booked out months in advance.

Those that create the biggest events or which are perceived to be “must-attend” ones draw the most people.  Sydney, Rio de Janeiro and New York each saw over a million people attend the celebrations. Dubai with its laser light show against buildings also saw a million people attending and Hong Kong may have seen similar numbers.  Today, in London, over half a million will watch the parade through the streets of London which confirms that London is a big tourist draw. According to the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) about 19% of tourism to the UK is to London and it generates more tourist revenue than any other city in Europe.

In Scotland, Hogmanay – which sees the old year out and the new one in – has become a major tourist attraction both domestically and internationally. Many people put on their bucket list that they would like to be in Scotland for the new year due to the celebrations, the atmosphere and the fun.

We probably celebrate the end of one year and the beginning of another in the hope that the new year will bring better luck than the old one. The travel industry will be hoping that they have a better year despite the fact that 2017 was (excepting the demise of Monarch and some smaller tour operators) fairly successful with many destinations reporting increased numbers above forecast. According to the WTTC, 1 in 10 jobs on the planet is now in travel and tourism.

Surveying 2018 from the very beginning of the year, it looks a bumper year for the industry. May it also be a bumper year for all our readers. Happy New Year.



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