Christmas in a hotel

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According to a study, half of Britons would rather spend Christmas in a hotel than stay with their relatives.

The study has been made, and this might surprise some readers, a hotel group – Jurys Inn.

In fairness the study did reveal other information such as the fact that about 20% of adults will spend Christmas alone or just with one other person and that the  average household will see five people seated around the dining table adorning paper hats.

It also says that 60% of people say that spending time with the family is one of the best things about Christmas, many will only be having a small celebration rather than a large get-together.

As for staying in a hotel, it rather depends on your relatives. There are a few of mine that I don’t see from year to year and I have no great desire to see them at my Christmas table. But my immediate family do meet up over Christmas but not necessarily on Christmas Day.

Would I prefer it at a hotel?

Yes. It means all the hassle of cooking for hours, washing up for hours and having to eat leftovers for days afterwards would be eliminated at a stroke. But how many hotels are geared up at Christmas for babies, have enough entertainment for unrestrained five year olds and can cope with people snoring in their armchairs for hours after a touch too much alcohol over lunch?

Can they cope with moaners like me who have always loathed turkey, the enforced bonhomie, Christmas songs that make me want to commit GBH on the singers and a dislike of Christmas TV? Can they marry my thoughts with those who like exactly the opposite?

More importantly can they package a Christmas breakaway at a price I am willing to pay? Sometimes I think hotels overcharge at this period. Yes, I appreciate staff should be paid more but surely that is the only extra? The decorations and crackers they have to have will have been around for the last month; the menu is nowhere near as lengthy as it is at other times of the year and the additional drinks that will be purchased must make a reasonable contribution to running costs.

No, for me, it is Christmas with the family!

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