Bangor Winter Wonderland

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pop-up ice rinks

Some winter attractions seem to deliver less than expected each year. Bath-on-Ice is one that delivers unlike Bangor Winter Wonderland © Bath-on-Ice

Why is it that seemingly every year a winter attractions is closed because it cannot deliver?

This year it is the Bangor Winter Wonderland in Northern Ireland’s County Down. It was due to run from the 16-23rd of December but sometime over the weekend the organisers must have decided to put up the shutters. As from today it is closed and those that have booked tickets will have to claim their monies back.

On their website is a bland notice that says,

“Winter NI wold like to apologise for the Bangor Winter Wonderland event which has fallen way short of our expectations. For this reason it has been decided to cancel the event from Monday 18th December. For anyone already on their way today we are remaining open until 8pm. Whilst we understand that this will be greatly disappointing to many we feel we cannot recover from the negative publicity and it is clear that we have hosted an event which has not meant the high standards we had aimed to deliver.”

Had the organisers not inspected the site before it opened to reassure themselves that they could deliver? Comments from visitors have incuded complaints of inappropriate presents for set age groups, litter and a sparsity of decorations. Having presents for the wrong age groups is easily resolved and sounds like no one quality controlled the packaging. Litter is inexcusable and just meant that insufficielt collections of staff were in place to collect the rubbish. The lack of decorations would have been simple to spot.

So it has to be the organisers at fault. Why hadn’t they realised when they opened on Saturday that there was an issue?



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