Confident of taking an overseas holiday next year?

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France tops the list of places that AITO survey responders wanted to go

The Association of Independent Tour Operators (AITO) which are generally the smaller of the UK’s tour operators has published its Travel Insights Report 2017 which builds on existing evidence from the researchers IPK that the outlook for British holidays abroad in 2018 is good. The report says that 90% will maintain or grow their travel plans, and that 21% intend to take even more holidays.

Those aged from 55 to 64 plan to travel more, and are seeking a mix of experiences, with city visits coming top, followed by culture, arts and history, walking and then wildlife. Beaches are less interesting, coming eighth on this age group’s list, and cruise holidays come 12th for them.

In terms of what is spent on a holiday, 29% of customers are spending between £2,000 and £4,999 per person which is up 3% over the 2016 report.

The top destinations are France, Italy and Greece, while favourite long-haul trips are to Australia, India and the USA.

Some 90% say they will be holidaying the same amount or even more in the next three years – almost exactly the same figure as AITO found last year, demonstrating that holidays aren’t viewed as a luxury activity, but are part of the yearly calendar.

On the issue of trust in holiday companies, 83% of people book with specialists because they value their knowledge and expertise and a further 47% choose a travel company based on personal service. Price isn’t too much of a factor and comes fifth in terms of reasons to book with a holiday company. While 79% of responders said that email was the best way to contact them, 48% said that a brochure was the best way to keep them updated. Social media isn’t persuading people to pack their bags, at only 9%. And very few want to be contacted by phone. 83% of people book based on knowledge and expertise, and 47% choose their travel company for personal service.

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