What about the rest of the UK?

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Do these countries check where passengers come from so they can target them rather than just promoting in London?

In the last few weeks, a number of destinations have announced new campaigns to persuade us to holiday with them next year. The Cayman Islands and, Hong Kong immediately spring to mind as two which have announced promotions.

Too often though that promotion is centred on one place – London, Because of the number of people who and live and commute into central London, promoting on media that can only be seen in London such as poster sites, radio stations, taxis and just ITV London means that the destination can reach a large number of people. But what about the rest of us?

At present there are a number of vists by destinations such as Australia and Brazil that are touring the country and organising meetings with travel agents and tour operators to publicise their tourism and train them on their offerings. They do reach places like Belfast, Birmingham, Bristol, Dublin, Glasgow, Leeds and Manchester but rarely elsewhere. Needless to say, London is always included. Places like Cardiff, Cork, Edinburgh, Exeter, Newcastle, Norwich and Southampton hardly, if ever, get a look in yet there are substantial holiday taking populations in the vicinity,

In terms of stretching financial resources to fund visits to as many parts of our countries as possible, it must be difficult so destinations have to cut their cloth accordingly. Obviously they cannot – with a few exceptions – blanket the entire country like California has done once or twice a year for the last few years.

But have they considered the geographic make-up of the source of their holidaymakers? Could London give them fewer holidaymakers to Romania than, say, Doncaster might? Are there more holidaymakers on a percentage of the population to Cuba from Liverpool than London? Does Cheltenham provide more travellers to Barbados than Kensington might or Ilford?

Do those destinations that have landing cards use their data to analyse the addresses of their visitors so they can target better? Or is it just laziness and because it is so easy to concentrate everything on London?

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