The Abu Dhabi Louvre

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the interior of the Louvre, Abu Dhabi © Louvre Abu Dhabi – Photography Roland Halbe

A new museum isn’t an everyday occurrence although it is quite common. A new museum called Louvre is an extraordinary occurrence.

The new Louvre isn’t in France nor an ex-French colony. It is on an island in Abu Dhabi called Saadiyat where a ten year old project final came to fruition with the official opening this week by the French president, Emmanuel Macron.

Costing about £1 billion give or take a million or two, the new museum has 600 permanemt artworks and a further 300 loaned from France. Those works will be on display in the 55 rooms, 23 of which will be permanent galleries and 32 for exhibitions. In addition, Arab institutions who have loaned 28 prized works. Among the priceless artefacts on show is a statue of a sphinx dating back to the 6th Century BC and a frieze depicting figures from the Koran.

This museum holds art and items related to history and religion from around the world and Mr Macron called it a “bridge between civilisations”.

The building itself is likely to collect some international architecture awards for its French designer, architect Jean Nouvel. The latticed dome protects visitors from the scalding heat, while allowing the rooms to glow with natural light and none of the rooms is said to be the same as another.

The museum’s doors open to the public on tomorrow with all entrance tickets, priced at 60 dirhams about £12), but you can forget about going. All the tickets have been sold out for some time.

For those of us unlucky not to have a ticket, join the queue. A visit to the Abu Dhabi Louvre is going to be on a lot of people’s bucket lists.

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