Mauritius is (nearly) 50

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the muti-coloured Chamarel

Next year Mauritius will be celebrating fifty years since independence. Although celebrations will continue throughout the year, the actual day is March 12th.

Few destinations have such an exotic appeal so for many Britons a holiday there is something to be wished for, saved for and planned as a once in a lifetime opportunity. But that is changing. More and more of us are returning a second time and demand has risen so much that now British Airways flies there five times a week compared to the old days when it was a once or twice a week trip. Air Mauritius also has direct flights as has TUI.

Since 2012, there has been growth in excess of 10% every single year in British visitors to Mauritius and another increase is forecast for 2018, not unsurprising really given that the celebrations will attract more holidaymakers than usual.

Most visitors head to the island for its white, sandy beaches. Being in the southern hemisphere means that we regard it as a winter sun destination as the temperatures between November and April are between 22 and 33 degrees, a far cry from the dank, wettish weather most of us had had in this early November. yet this small island has mountains and forests as well plus the strange site in the south of the island – Chamarel Seven Coloured Earth- a landscape formed by volcanic rocks cooling at different times. This provides a range of colours including purples, reds browns and greys.

But in 2018 a range of events – many of which are yet to be announced – may outperform the beaches and natural wonders as attractions.

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