Who holidays in Rhodes?

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ancient Kamiros

Kamiros on the Greek island of Rhodes

The Greek island of Rhodes has been a popular destination for Britons for centuries as well it might given that, at one time, it housed one of the seven wonders of the world – the Colossus of Rhodes. Yet it would appear that unlike many tourist destinations, it doesn’t receive high return business. The Rhodes Association of Hotel Managers says that the majority of travellers are first-timers.

Why should this be?

The research is continuing and the final results won’t be available until next February when all concerned are hoping to find answers as to repeat business isn’t higher. The majority of respondents said they would recommend Rhodes to friends or acquaintances so general levels of satisfaction are high. One thought  about why vistors don’t return is because the island is seen as a cheap destination. The association would like to turn the island into a quality destination as they think this will will lead to an increase in demand, followed by a rise in sales, revenue and employment.

According to the survey, visitors also prefer all-inclusive deals for a 10-day period, use the internet to research their trip and come primarily for the sea and sun. (Rhodes has about 300 days of sun per year.)

Hippocrates Square, part of

Hippocrates Square in Rhodes

Britons are one of the top three providers of visitors to the island along with Germany and Russia helped by the fact that there are many regional airports offering direct flights to Rhodes. With us, the major attractions are the warm all year-round weather and the beaches. Although the beaches aren’t that sandy, package holiday makers have been holidaying in Rhodes for decades.

The survey results suggest that the beaches play an important part in the minds of visitors booking a holiday there as does nature but the strong heritage links are also very important, Yet two-thirds of visitors didn’t see the main landmark of the island, the mediaeval city which is a UNESCO World Heritage site.


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