Alcohol and air travel

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banning alcohol sales at airports may be the solution to the fast-growing anti-social behaviour on flights

Would you have a pint or five at an airport before you fly? According to 7% of those asked were drinking 5 or more pints and 15% were drinking 3-4 pints (or equivalent) before boarding their plane.

In all, over half of all of us drink more than a pint before we fly and not far short of a quarter of us drink over three pints  and then fly.

The research was done, says, amongst those who holiday in popular destinations such as Tenerife, Spain and Ibiza and carried out as recently as last month.

The company says that the  trend of “pre-drinks” where you get drunk before going out to get drunk seems to be the norm for those going on holiday too and quoted some examples. David from Leeds said “I’m going on holiday and I’m going to have a good time. The party starts the minute I’m in the airport – me and the lads usually have a good few pints before the plane” Caroline from London says “To be honest we had a few in the minibus even before the airport, but that’s when the holiday starts, and we’re here to have fun!”

If this research is really showing us the extent of passenger behaviour then the airlines have a lot to contend with. That suggests that the attitude adopted by Jet 2, easyJet and Ryanair of being tough on those who drink and fly is necessary and airports need to get involved to a far greater extent than they currently are.

Ryanair has called on airports to limit drinks to two per person but how do you check when airports have more than one outlet for alcoholic drinks? Some airports are considering bans on selling alcohol for early morning flights. But with the ever increasing stories about drunken and anti-social behaviour the time is fast approaching when more drastic measures need to be taken and that might be banning alcohol sales at certain airports or all of them.

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