Short-term holiday lets in Ireland

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what can be used as a holday let?

The Irish government has introduced new rules saying that if a householder wants to short-term let their property then they have to get planning permission first.

Or at least that seems to be what the government is saying. It is getting a bit confused and there have been calls for Eoghan Murphy, the Minister for Housing, to clarify exactly what is meant by the new rules.

Airbnb has been quick to condemn it claiming that the rules for short term lets is one of the most restrictive anywhere. But then they would, wouldn’t they as it could significantly impact their business model in Ireland.

Behind the Irish government’s decision is that it seems worried about the number of long term lets for residents diminishing as people offer the same houses for short term lets as it generates more money for the householder. The announcement seems to coincide with their homelessness figures that were released this week.

The new rules, apart from the need to obtain planning permission, seem to include

  • Any apartment cannot be let more than sixty nights per year and not more than five consecutive nights in any specific letting.
  • No more than two rooms per apartment can be occupied per night with not more than four guests. (this would rule out many family bookings)
  • Not more than 20% of any apartments per floor and accessible from a stairwell/lift can be approved for short-term letting.

How does this affect letting an entire home? Does the rule apply only to apartments? There is nothing posted on the department’s website that I can find that explains what is really meant. In the meantime, householders who have been letting flats, apartments or houses may be loath to accept any more bookings.

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