Flying with Pete and Sam

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Image © Air New Zealand

Last Thursday, Air New Zealand launched its first ever global brand campaign in the UK.

Why mention this when airlines have campaigns all the time?

Because in the last few years, the airline has a gained a reputation for unusual and/or amusing releases.  Qantas achieved a difference by linking their safety video with shots of Australia but the leader has to be Air new Zealand and their Middle Earth theme. You you can watch by clicking here. So far it has had over 30,000,000 views on You Tube across the different versions that have been posted.

When rumours surfaced of a kiwi fronting the advert to show us that the airline is a better way to fly, expectations began to climb. Then it was announced that the kiwi bird –called Pete – would have the actor, Sam Neill, as its co-star people in the travel trade thought this might be a winner to match previous ads.

It isn’t but maybe that is because expectations were so high.

It starts on a sad note with  Pete being told by his doctor that kiwi birds can’t fly because they have no wings. It then cuts to him finding a way to fly – by using Air New Zealand. Why tell you about when you can see it by clicking here and making your own mind about it.

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