Where is Excalibur?

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Excalibur still awaits the true descendants of King Arthur

Historians have argued for centuries about King Arthur. For example, where was the site that Arthur drew the sword Excalibur from the stone?

The answer is Glen Innes.

How can I be so positive about the location? Because I have seen the very stone. And the very sword. It’s till there awaiting the true descendants of Arthur to withdraw the blade and bring us another golden, Arthurian age.

Glen Innes is in the north of the Australian state of NSW and about 150 miles inland. After crossing the Gibraltar Range ( part of the Great Dividing Range) and which is over a thousand metres at the highest points, you drop down onto the plains and there is Glen Innes. Just before you arrive into the town, there is a hill and on it you will find the Australian Standing Stones. There haven’t been brought here from Pembrokeshire as was Stonehenge.  (But there is place called Stonehenge not far from Glen Innes!) They have been crafted in Australia and have been placed her in honour of the contribution that all Celtic peoples have made to Australia.

the standing stones of Glen Innes

The Irish, Manx, Irish, Scottish and Welsh are all commemorated and mention is made of Bretons and the Celtic peoples of Spain. Small stones have been brought from places like Inverary Castle in Scotland and Scottish clans are in force on the stones and plaques around.

With a name like Glen Innes and surrounding places carrying names like Glen Ellen, Glencoe, Dundee and Ben Lomond you will gather that lots of Scots settled around here with the names being a memory of their homeland. There are fewer Welsh or Irish names here but they have strong links with other parts of Australia.

Whilst I was there a coach proclaiming to be carrying “old farts” pulled in to view the area. Is the appeal of the site only to the older tourist? I think not because inside the café/r much younger age groups who had dropped by for morning tea.

As a final word, and I don’t write this very often, the toilets were very well looked after. You don’t often find that in public conveniences wherever you travel in the world!


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