Do hotels provide good value for money?

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hotel room or home rental?

According to research commissioned by the home rental business UnderTheDoormat nearly half of British adults think hotels offer poor value for money. Following on from Airbnb’s astonishing growth over the last nine years, the evidence certainly seems to point that way otherwise hoteliers would be opening even more hotels. But they are!

And there’s the problem. Is the market growing so that both can remain viable or are hoteliers suffering?

Certainly this piece of research shows up other potential problems that hotels have. Despite some boasting Michelin star or celebrity chef restaurants, 35% of responders complained of overpriced and poor-quality food that hotels served up during their stay. There are few hotels these days that don’t emphasise their restaurant quality so many would seem to be exaggerating!

Just under half of all responders also complained about guests in adjoining rooms or those on the floor above  being too noisy, something which I have suffered from over the years but In largely put it down to thin walls and my preference for peace and quiet.

Whilst more than a third of people resented paying for wifi times are changing and even some of the low-cost chains are providing it free. Five star hotels and those relying on business guests cannot afford to charge the high rates that they did twenty years ago. It can’t be too far away when hotels will have to provide free wifi or lose business. Forget restaurants, gyms, televisions with a zillion channels and saunas, free wifi a comfortable bed and a good shower are what decided me on where to stay.

Why wouldn’t I stay in a home rental as marketed by the sponsor of the survey?  According to responders, it is the fear of turning up to a dirty property. Nearly half said that uncertainty about what state the home will be in was the worst thing about renting somebody else’s home when travelling. And two-thirds said they would be more likely to choose to stay in somebody’s home if fresh hotel-style towels and linens were provided and a similar number said that if a home was professionally cleaned before guests arrived, they would be more likely to book.. But that sort of accommodation has a name: – it’s called a hotel or a guest house or a B&B isn’t it? But surprise, surprise: UndertheDorrmat’s clients provide all of those, they just don’t call themselves hotels.

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