Barcelona attacked

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La Rambla, Barcelona in happier times. May it soon return to normal

The appalling attack by a van driver on people in a tourist area of Barcelona is yet another reminder that terrorist thugs think nothing of attacking tourists.

That the attack happened in the Las Ramblas area of the city – a magnet for tourists – increases my conviction that we tourists have become targets as we were elsewhere.

As I write, the number of dead stands at thirteen with those injured rising.  IS has claimed responsibility but then they probably would, wouldn’t they? Yet again terrorists have demonstrated that nowhere and no-one is safe. Given that Paris, Nice and Barcelona are cities that attract large number of tourists confirms many people’s belief that terrorists seek places where lots of people meet.

For the police and security services, dealing with one or two, lone-wolf attacker is difficult. It comes down to us. Ever vigilant must be the watchword. Will this be last atrocity for the summer tourist season? I am sure we all hope so.

To the people of Barcelona, Spain and the Spanish tourist authorities our condolences. To those holidaying in Barcelona, be careful but continue enjoying the city and to those planning on holidaying there don’t be deterred. If you are, then the terrorists will have won.

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