Why Croatia appeals

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Tvrdava sv. Ivan, Dubrovnik

Still the most popular destination for British visitors

I have speculated as to how long Croatia can continue to see the double digit growth in British holidaymakers. But the growth just grows and grows.

Croatia has been one of the biggest winners in attracting British tourists and for a couple of very good reasons. Its currency – the kuna – is outside Eurozone and although we get fewer kuna for the pound, hotel and excursion prices have been more keenly priced. Secondly, Croatia is safe and has had no political upheaval and finally it has a range of tourist offerings that appeal to a wide market. With Tunisia, Egypt and Turkey suffering downturns, Croatia has provided an oasis for holidaymakers seeking beach, heritage and lakes and mountains holidays. Finally Croatia has direct flights from so many regional airports it is an easy country for just about any of us to reach without the hassle of having to go via the giant airports.

Just in July alone, there was a 42.67% increase in arrivals and 59.20 % increase in overnight stays of UK family travellers so we are staying longer for our holidays than we have done in the past. And where do we go in Croatia? Just three destinations in the country attract us more than any other places. From January to the 25 July, most overnight stays were made in Dubrovnik-Neretva County (727,419), Split-Dalmatia County (469,467) and Istria. (369,529.) and Zadar (90,698).

After that there is a big drop in visitors going to other places. Zadar follows with just 90,968 overnight stays and then comes Lika-Senj County, (75,720) Sibenik-Knin (63,430), City of Zagreb (49,104), and Primorje-Gorski Kotar County (47,247).

July attracted the greatest number of British overnights to Dubrovnik-Neretva (226,740) and Split-Dalmatia (165,915). Istria closely followed (124,392), and witnessed 26,80 % increase in comparison to the same period last year. Most of the British overnight stays since January, were made in hotels (1,036,471), private accommodation (517,747), other catering facilities (148,913) and camps (77,146), while more than 103,923 overnight stays were made in nautical charters. In July, most visitors preferred hotels (291,021), but the camps have the biggest rise in popularity amounting to 54.17 % compared to the same period last year.

Ivona Grgan, director of the UK Croatia National Tourist Office said with another 21 new flights to Croatia this year, Britons will certainly continue to make a positive impact on already record numbers of visitors from the UK.”


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