Do you check-in online?

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an airport queue at Gatwick

airport queues like this at check-in are not as frequent as they once were in the UK

An interesting survey of 500 UK adults from the French company, Webhelp, says that only 58% of us always or usually check-in online.

Given the pressure by airlines for us to do just that, it seems surprising that 48% of us aren’t checking in online for one reason or another.

Could it be because we know that check-in queues at airports are not as long as they used to be? Is it because that 48% don’t have internet access or that the system of check-in is too complicated? Do we mind not have to pay additional fees imposed by some airlines for airport check-ins?

The company suggests that airlines still have a way to go to encourage UK consumers to go online completely.

When broken down by age-groups and income levels, the figures look a little concerning. It would seem that, of those of us earning less than £10,000 pa, 44% never use online check-in whilst 72% of us earning more than £40,000 pa do.

It looks as though the worse-off are not using online facilities which could be because they cannot afford access. Yet some of them will be penalised at airports and have to pay more than those with access. Will this be resolved by a generational age turnover so that as older people, reluctant to use the internet die, and younger age-groups have no problems using their smart phones to check-in? If that is the case, airlines might have to wait another thirty years before we all check-in online.

The most likely group to use online check-in are 25-34 year olds earning over £40,000 but even then, it appears about a quarter aren’t doing so. Yet this is widely believed to be the most tech-savvy adult age group. Why aren’t they embracing online check-in? If it is because they cannot be bothered then airlines have an even bigger problem unless they are prepared to close out every option so that people are forced to check-in online.

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