Ryanair to have new seating

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ryanair new seats

Kenny Jacobs showing off the new seats. If the middle seat passenger takes up this much room then neighbours will be cramped.

Last week, Ryanair announced that they had commissioned a company called Zodiac to – in their words – provide new slimline seats on its Boeing 737 MAX “Gamechanger” aircraft, which deliver in Spring 2019”

These seats will have more space and more legroom. The airline wasn’t coy (when has Ryanair ever been that?) about trumpeting that passengers would enjoy a roomier 31 inch seat pitch claiming this was more than  that enjoyed by travellers with British Airways and Lufthansa.

But they said nothing about the width and the image posted on their website of their head of marketing, Kenny Jacobs draped in the hated middle seat gives me the distinct impression that the seats don’t look that wide. Is “slim line” a euphemism for “cramped?”

aicraft seats from Zodiac

What I think will be the new seats from Zodiac

So I visited the Zodiac website to see if they could help out. I think I have selected the seats that Ryanair have chosen but the website gives no idea of the seat width only that they are lightweight and “offers demanding passengers improved living space, expanded features and better comfort.” Until Ryanair reveal more about the seats, you’ll just have to judge for yourselves whether they are smaller than existing ones.

How about the claim that a seat pitch 31 inches is greater than that of BA or Lufthansa? At present seatguru says that the pitch is 30 inches so there will be an extra inch. (It also says that the current seat width is 17 inches which errs on the small size.) Since BA doesn’t operate any Boeing 738-800 planes any comparison is with Airbuses and Ryanair is correct. Lufthansa which also flies Airbus equivalents does have some planes which have lengthier seat pitches on some of the short-haul routes. But why didn’t Ryanair compare itself to its main rival, easyJet? In comparison it will have a 2 inch pitch advantage over easyJet according to seatguru?

As a final point, if new Ryanair planes will all sport a 32inch seat pitch, then that will be – says seatguru – three inches shorter than some of the planes they currently operate!

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