Where’s the planning?

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an airport queue at Gatwick

airport queues – another hassle!

Last March new security rules came into place in airports.

It means that the citizens of those countries outside the Schengen Agreement, fwill face a few extra minutes at security lines undergoing more thorough checks than those who live in Schengen zone countries. In practice it means that EU travellers from Bulgaria, Croatia, Ireland, Romania and the UK as well as those from Iceland, Norway and Switzerland (which are outside the EU but in Europe) and all those outside Europe face longer delays at security checks in airports and ferry terminals.

It is all in the name of being diligent in the face of terrorism and who would complain about the state wanting to provide high levels of security for its citizens?

The problem is that in holiday times more people travel so there will be longer queues anyway. The additional security checks take additional time which mounts up. Queues get longer and affect everyone travelling from EU nation to EU nation because we all go through the same security lines.

There are reports of four hour delays if you believe the mainstream media at places like Palma in Mallorca and lengthy delays in Malaga and the Canaries – all tourism magnets in Europe at this time of year.

So why are there empty security gates at some of the airports? Why haven’t the civil aviation authorities/airports calculated the number of passengers that would be travelling and trained or added extra staff to cope with the rush?If all the security gates are in operation, why not have a makeshift solution available?

Passengers will accept additional security measures as necessary. They will accept being asked to turn up a little earlier because of that security. What they won’t accept are delays when the authorities should have known about the likelihood of delays and planned accordingly.

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