Tunisia is open for British visitors

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Cart driver in Tunisia waving

Is the wave to British tourists returning to Tunisia?

The Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) lifted the ban on travel to most parts of Tunisia this afternoon. Monastir, Sousse, Hammamet, Djerba and Tunis are all in the area where British holidaymakers can freely travel. All these places tend to be where most tourists go to anyway. The only areas where a ban remains in force  are those next to the Libyan and Algerian borders as well as in the deep south of the country below but including Douz.

It also means that your travel insurance should be valid but check before you go just in case.

The question is why has the ban been lifted now? I speculated a while ago that the ban wouldn’t be lifted until the Tunisian government removed its state of emergency. That won’t happen until September/October at the earliest so what has persuaded the FCO to lift the ban now rather than a couple of weeks ago or in a month’s time? It might be because the only other countries that had bans – Scandinavia – lifted them about two months ago. We probably will never know but lifting of the ban means that the FCO is happy with the security measures that have been introduced by hoteliers and local authorities.

tunisian stand at Manchester Destinations show

the Tunisian stand at Destinations earlier this year- under seige by potential holidaymakers?

Now tour operators will be looking to cut deals for their future holidaymakers and here is where some Tunisian hoteliers may have a problem. Whilst there are some brand new hotels and resorts that have been opened in the last year or so, some of the old favourites have become shabby as their owners were unable or unwilling to invest in their upkeep.

Unfortunately, the first editions of tour operator brochures for 2018 will be in the press about now but you can bet that in the subsequent editions, Tunisia will be back there.

It might take a while for the 500,000 Britons that used to holiday there to all return but with some sharp marketing by the tourist board there should be deals to encourage us all to return. And with the Tunisian dinar outside the eurozone, we should be able to get good holiday rates.

To see which areas the FCO considers it safe to travel to, click here.


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