Is there a future for supersonic travel?

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passenger flight delay compensationAt present the University of Westminster is trying to assess the future demand for supersonic travel. You can help my clicking here or going to and completing the brief survey.

All twelve questions are tick-box only, no personal details are required so it is all completely anonymous. No-one will know your answers. If it takes you longer than three minutes I’d be surprised.

In the last forty or fifty years the speed at which we fly has remained pretty much the same. Whilst composite materials and better design has seen less noise and less pollution, improvements in speed have been less noticeable. It still takes roughly to fly the same time from London to New York or Tokyo to Los Angeles as it did decades ago.  Is that because there is no demand for supersonic speed or faster air journeys?

By completing the survey you can assist and, as I said before, it won’t take a lot of your time. Would you only consider supersonic travel as a business person? Would you pay for it if you were going on holiday or a leisure trip? Would you only consider supersonic travel if it was priced the same as ordinary air travel?

Whatever your views, please contribute to this important research.

After the research has been analysed in a few months’ time, we will bring you the general conclusions.

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