Meet Trainy McTrainface

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And the press release even painted a face on the image to make the story even dafter!

That is the name given to a new high-speed train linking the Swedish cities of Stockholm and Gothenburg.

It isn’t the name chosen by a high powered executive in MTR Express, the company operating the train, but is the result of a public vote.

It goes to show that sometimes the general public can be a sandwich short of a picnic or, to put it a little bluntly, daft. What possessed them to even consider such a name? Was it some PR person who thought that world-wide coverage of such a silly name would entice more bums onto seats? Did someone in MTR Express decide that they would accept a jokey name?

Whatever the reason, Per Nasfi, the Sales and Marketing Manager of MTR Express, has accepted the wishes of the voters and opted for the name.

Readers will be aware that it all began when the new UK polar research vessel was voted to be named Boaty McBoatface. Sensibly Jo Johnson, the minister involved, vetoed the name and it was called after Sir David Attenborough. Per Nasfi has decided not to follow Mr Johnson’s precedent.

Haven’t people learnt the lesson of Boaty McBoatface? You only ask the public what they think when you are absolutely sure that you get the answer you want. Ask Mrs May and Mr Cameron who both learnt the hard way. Give them a choice and this is what you wind up with?

Still, maybe it is a ploy to develop a rival for Thomas the Tank Engine as  children’s Christmas presents.

I’m not even sure it will have the desired effect of generating useful publicity. After a day or so people might have heard of the train but will they know where it runs to and from? Will they even know which country it is in? All they will know is that, somewhere, there is a train with a silly name!

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