Qatar Airlines or Aermexico?

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Qatar Airlines – the overall winner

Last month, Skytrax handed out its World Airline Awards. The lucky winner, like any award winner, trumpets the fact that it wins. Those that don’t walk off with an accolade or are low down in the rankings take littel notice. Your hear of the winners but not the also rans. And the winner was Qatar Airlines on which In will fly for the first time next month.

In our media, the summary of the awards was that British and Irish airlines didn’t do that well. The best that could be managed was the 33rd place achieved by Virgin Atlantic. British Airways came 40th and 41st was the slot gained by easyJet. Thomson was 66th and Ryanair was 76th. After the top 100, Skytrax doesn’t give details so we have no idea where Aer Lingus, Flybe, Thomas Cook Airlines, Jet 2, Loganair, bmi regional. Monarch or Eastern Airlines were placed.

In all, the Skytrax survey covered 320 airlines but there are 5,000 airlines that have internationally recognised codes.  Many were obviously not covered in the survey because the smaller the airline, the fewer passengers it carries and the less likely it is to be able to generate votes.

Yet out of the 5,000 airlines that there are, surely to be in the top 100 indicates that there are much better than the other 4,900? Even the top 100 out of the 320 that Skytrax says it has survey responses from suggests that are many times better than whatever airline is at 319th or 320th?

and Virgin Atlantic – the top placed UK airline

Shouldn’t we know those that have performed so badly? If it is because there are insufficient responses for the results to be valid, we should know so that we can take the figure of 320 and reduce it by 20, 60 or whatever it is so we know that to be, for example, 300th out of 320 isn’t good because only eneough votes for 300 airlines were statistically valid.

At 100th in the survey came Aeromexico, an airline that I have flown on four times with no problems at all. I wouldn’t say that it was the best flight I have been on or that it was the worst. The food was fine, the cabin crew did their job, I had no delays and my luggage arrived when I did. The seats weren’t any better or any more uncomfortable than in other economy class cabins in which I have flown so I have no reason not to fly on them again. But to be rated at 100 rather than 1, others must have thought otherwise.

It all comes down to opinions and how questions are interpreted by each person.

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