Taking babies on holiday

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this is from Bay Travel UK and is a cot and a bag to carry some of the many items that parents carry these days

Having had grandchildren in the last few years, it brings back memories of the time when we had youngsters and the problems we had in taking them away.

There were nowhere near the number of items that people seem to have to take today but it was still a chore not the least of which was car sickness. Driving from Surrey to Devon or South Wales to see the in-laws was a journey unlikely to be made non-stop! Just as we got our three-month old to sleep through the night, we disrupted him by taking him to Australia for my sister’s wedding. That set him back months and, once again, led to sleepless nights.

With the new grandchildren, the paraphernalia that seems to be needed these days meant that both of our children invested in larger cars.

It means that going on an outing or a holiday requires planning and time in getting it all together.

No wonder some recent research has suggested that families with small babies seem reluctant to holiday. And that is supposing that they are wide-awake to enjoy it themselves as babies insist on requiring feeding every few hours and attention to their unsocial graces in the alternating periods.

The research, commissioned by Luxury Family Hotels, suggests that 40% of responders said that they would wait until their child was at least three months old before they would travel. Apart from that Australian trip I mentioned, we waited nine months before we holidayed (in Lanzarote as I remember) and long after we had overcome the problems of him sleeping through the night. When my daughter came along a few years later, we had learnt our lesson. We waited for a year before we did any overseas trips!

Orr experience seems to be confirmed toady since, in the same research, 48% were concerned about disrupting their baby’s routine by taking them away, 44% said they were too tired and 39% were worried about their baby crying and causing an embarrassing scene in public.

Why the research? It obviously isn’t just to highlight what parents already know about the issues with taking babies on holiday. It is to point out that this particular hotel chain is baby friendly even to the point of providing up to two hours’ free childcare a day in the Ofsted-registered crèche so that parents can have a break.

There is still the hassle -and stress – of packing and getting to any destination in the first place. Given that, is it any wonder that parents with babies defer holidays until they are able to cope as well?

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