Wrexham and Belfast – as different as chalk and cheese.

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Wrexham Town Centre – full of adventurous minded people?

Just over a fortnight ago, Just about Travel ran a story about how adventurous British and Irish holidaymakers were compared to other nations. Now along comes another survey, this time by TravelSupermarket, which looks at which parts of the UK contain the most adventurous people.

This survey says that, overall, Brits rate themselves only as a “mildly intrepid.” The Scots are the bravest Brits (46%, compared to 33% of English 36% of Welsh, and 11% of Northern Irish respondents.

But it isn’t a Scottish town that is said to have the most adventurous people. It is Wrexham, a Welsh town that is home to the Welsh Comic-con and birthplace of Judge Jeffries who sent so many to the scaffold after the rebellion of the Duke of Monmouth against James II. The town is followed by Coventry, Aberdeen, Glasgow and Norwich as being the most adventurous in our countries.

Or, to understand it more accurately, the residents think that they are the most adventurous which isn’t exactly the same as being adventurous.

And Belfast centre – the least adventurous place in the UK

Conversely the place where residents seem the least adventurous is Belfast. The survey claims that 86% haven’t tried any of the extreme adventures named (sky diving, bungee jumping, white-water rafting, base jumping, glacier hiking, or wing walking) and 64% had no attention of trying anything.

The other four places rounding off the top five of least adventurous are Plymouth, Chelmsford, Portsmouth and Southampton. Is it only me that finds it intriguing that four of these cities have a strong maritime heritage where sailors must have regularly risked the lives either against enemy navies or the seas as members of the merchant marine?

You would imagine that younger age groups are more adventurous and that, as we grow older, that spirit becomes less appealing. That seems to be partially borne out by the survey. It says that the most adventurous age group is 18-24 year olds. Those aged 25-34 are less adventurous. Could this be down to the fact that this is when couples are having children and are feeling more cautious? But the company claims that this age group is actually more adventurous than 18-24 year olds but are just modest about it!

It looks as though 18-24 year olds are prone to exaggeration or are boastful. Could the same be applied to those towns that claim to be the most adventurous whereas modesty applies to those  places which seem less so?

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