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hoarding at Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market

There are two things that I specifically remember about my only visit to the US city of Seattle in Washington state.

The first is that there was a football match going on; it was an important game which, if won, would see Seattle get to the Super Bowl. The noise coming from the stadium was so great we could hear it as soon as we left our hotel and that was a couple of miles away.

The other thing that I remember was that down on the waterfront was the Pike Place Market – a large market where I saw and tasted some of the best fish that I have ever eaten.

Despite the fact that I thought it was big, it is also very popular with locals and visitors both of whom are big buyers of local produce.  It isn’t just fish and sea food. Eighty five farmers bring their produce down from the surrounding countryside so you have a wide choice of fresh, local produce. Sometimes it’s not easy to see the floor there are so many people shopping.

It will be better for all concerned, then, that it is expanding, not by a row or an aisle but by another three-quarters of an acre which has cost £57 million. This August the market is 110 years’ old so you might think that they will open the extension (it has 47 new stalls) then but no, it opens next month.

The extension will make it an even more attractive visitor attraction so it just as well that there will be 300 parking spots. For my money, I’d walk. Seattle has a fairly compact centre and most of it can be seen either on foot or on the local light transport network which connects the airport with down town. The UK has direct flights to Seattle but it is a little far to go just for some fish. Explore the local islands by going out into Puget Sound as well!

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