How adventurous are British holidaymakers?

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Kawarau Bridge Bungee, Queenstown, New Zealand

In less than three years SHAREaCAMPER has developed from an idea to reality.

The idea was that camper van owners used the vans for only small periods of the year. For the rest of the time, camper vans stood idly by so why not rent them out? In effect, SHAREaCAMPER is Airbnb for camper van owners. Unlike houses, camper vans tend to depreciate. Using an asset as a money-spinner seems to make sense and that is why the venture has been successful in the three countries in which it currently operates; Germany, New Zealand and Australia.

A campervanner is obviously someone who likes travelling to different places, some would say an adventurer. So it seems appropriate that the company should commission a survey to see which nations seem to be the most adventurous. Across eight categories; BMX, bungee jumping, caravanning, hiking, rock climbing, skiing skydiving and surfing, the company calculated – based on the volume of Google searches – for all relevant keywords during the past twelve months. These figures were then ranked, first by the number of searches averaged per 100,000 citizens in each country and then by the actual number of searches, to give an accurate indication of the amount of people searching.

How the UK and Ireland do? For one, the two countries weren’t lumped together so we can see the individual attitudes. You can see the complete results by clicking here.

Looking at just the number of people searching, the UK came second in the rankings for skydiving, third for BMX riding and fourth for both skiing and hiking. It was sixth in caravanning and eighth in bungee-jumping. In rock-climbing and surfing, the UK didn’t make the top ten.

Ireland, on the other hand, gained only one top ten result and that was in sky-diving. Its lowest ranking was in BMX.

Overall, the UK finished in the top ten and Ireland completed the last spot in the top twenty but are we both as adventurous or as unadventurous as the figures indicate? Do Google searches mean we are interested in actually participating or only reading about it?

Many years ago there was a study about those who indicated an interest in golf. It turned out that more of us were interested in watching it than playing it. Maybe the same logic applies to this survey for I am not sure Brits are as adventurous as the report suggests. Or, at least, I’m not!!

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