Why not?

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The Department for Transport holds no information on air passenger compensation

On Tuesday, Tim Farron MP asked the Department of Transport what information the Department for Transport holds on the amount of compensation for delayed and cancelled flights.

He was told by John Hayes, the Minister of State, that “The Department does not hold this information. “

Why not?

How can we judge how big a problem this is if the government department responsible doesn’t even collect information?

From the comments of readers and the sheer number of claims companies and firms of lawyers advertising their services to get passengers redress, it would seem to be a pretty big issue.

If that is true, then the department is falling down on its role in protecting the passenger.

The rights to compensation are enshrined in what is knwon as EU261 and that sets out precise payments to be made by airlines.

It seems that some airlines are not only slow in paying out but are making life difficult by dragging out the process. The CAA issued a compliance report which revealed how many

Almost two month’s ago the CAA issued notices against five airlines – American Airlines, Emirates, Etihad, Singapore Airlines and Turkish Airlines – after reviewing the policies on those airlines for paying out compensation. In addition, a sixth – Vueling (part of IAG along with Aer Lingus British Airways and Iberia) was investigated for the way it dealt with passengers during disruption.

All companies providing  Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) services to airlines will be submitting their annual reports to the CAA. I hear on the grapevine that one company is likely to reveal that it has had difficulty with at least one substantial company getting it to agree to pay-outs.

At present the ADR system is being treated flippantly by many airlines and some large players have yet to sign up including all US airlines flying into and out of the UK and Ireland.  The full list of those which have signed up can be found here. It is rumoured the CAA will be getting tougher with airlines.

And still the government sees no reason to collect information on this problem?

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