Campervans for bargain holidays

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green camper van

not your usual cream or beige camper van

Just four years ago, two university graduates had an idea. With the cost of camper vans becoming more and more akin to prices for a one bed flat why not hire them out to people? There is nothing new in that. Other companies had been doing it for some time.

The difference here is that the duo decided to design the interior of the campervans to their specifications so that space was not wasted. They then gave them an appealing outside paint and design job and decided on a pricing structure that would be attractive ie cheap! Indie Campers was born

Ah, you might say, the catch must in the cost of insurance or the deposit for the vehicles. I thought the same but basic insurance is included in the price which should cover you for most contingencies. As for a deposit; it is included too.

there are two berths at the back…

The price varies from €39 a day for the smallest version in low season and rises to €149 a day in peak season. That is for the vehicle and not per person. In most vehicles you can get four people.

They come equipped with kitchen facilities, a shower/toilet and the seats spin around to fit a table.

The only extras that you pay for is if you pick up a van in one place and drop it off in another place or country.

…as well as a double bed

The concept has mushroomed over the last few years so now it operates in many European countries and staff numbers have hit 100. From having just a couple of vans, they now have hundreds. Despite not being in the UK or Ireland, it is we who are the biggest single hirers of the campervans.  That growth has come about due to the power of the internet and people passing the message from one happy customer to another. The other feature that is interesting is that the company has been successful in attracting people who have never driven or used a campervan before. Some 70% of their business comes from novices; they have succeeded in growing the market rather than taking a slice of business from others.

Will Indie Campers come to the UK or Ireland?

They are looking at it but the biggest problem is logistics. If someone hires a vehicle here and leaves it in France you have to repatriate the vehicle or you run out of them. Being two islands makes that more expensive. In Europe it is less of a problem; a low loader takes them back to the original hiring destination.






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