A frog he would a wooing go

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reeds arounda water feature at Golf Citrus

In those reeds at Golf Citrus must live the largest population of noisy frogs in Hammamet

On the outskirts of Hammamet in Tunisia is to be found Citrus Golf, a resort containing two 18 hole golf courses, one called Les Oliviers and the other, Le Foret. Popular with British tourists who holidayed in Hammamet before the Foreign Office ban came into force, these days some Britons do flaunt the advice but now it is Germans, Belgians, the Dutch and Scandinavians who have taken their places. Those and the French who have long had a relationship with Tunisia.

At the El Kantaoui golf course near Sousse, it was the swallows that were a potential problem for golfers.

Surely, you are saying to yourself, surely he can’t have found another golf course with a hazard?

Well, yes I have. Most golfing hazards involve the temperament of golfers. At one course I found a golf shoe next to a rubbish bin suggesting that someone had played the worst round of their lives and had decided to end their passion for the game by throwing away the final link with it – their shoes.

These two courses at Golf Citrus are pleasant to walk combining hill slopes, woodlands and not that many flat areas. Players are mollycoddled as well as a cool breeze wafts around the courses almost all of the time. The mollycoddling ceases when they realise what tough and challenging courses these are.  And the breeze doesn’t stop you getting sunburnt as my arms can prove! In the midst of this bliss what have I found that is disconcerting?

On the 18th hole of the Foret course is a lake which is partially surrounded by reeds.  Moorhens raise their young and small fish dart into the shadows. But the water is hazardous for something else. Frogs.

In the spring when a frog’s thoughts turn to a convivial meeting with frogs of a different gender the noise that the males make is astonishingly loud. By the sound of it, every frog in Hammamet had made his way to this one pond. And each was determined to be louder than his rivals.

Luckily, the pond is at the beginning of the hole so it affects golfers only as they tee off. If it had been nearer the hole where the concentration of putting can reduce a player to apoplexy, the courting frogs cannot be heard. Because if they had been, there would be far fewer frogs in Hammamet.

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