What are the most common holiday complaints?

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flight delays lead the complaints list

flight delays make up the largest body of complaints

HolidayTravelWatch – the holiday watchdog entity – has compiled its list of the most common complaints that it received last year. That doesn’t mean to say that it is representative of all holiday complaints; it may or may not be but it gives the rest of us an idea or what is irritating people.

Flight delays were the biggest gripe which will probably surprise nobody. People are waiting an inordinate length of time to have compensation paid to them and some airlines seem to positively practice a policy of stalling.

Growing in concern is the cleanliness of some of the ships used in ocean cruising. Whilst most complaints are about smaller or older ships there are also complaints about the very largest of ships where the numbers of passengers seem to overwhelm the number of crew to service them. How often do you hear dedicated cruisers saying that they prefer smaller ships? It was certainly noticeable at the Cruise Show recently.

Cleanliness in hotels attracts the same sort of opprobrium and it isn’t limited to smaller hotels. People have complained to HolidayTravelWatch about plush hotels as well as budget ones. Dogs, cats, cockroaches, birds in restaurants, mould, dirty water supply, sewage smells on a complex are just some of the common complaints.

At child friendly resorts, it looks as though the supervision of kids at one or the other of the dedicated clubs may be patchy.

Is customer service improving? You might not think so judging from the complaints that this watchdog received. It would seem that as tour companies rely less on their own reps, hotel staff are offering a poor response to complaints. Analysing the complaints received in this category, HolidayTravelWatch says that nearly one third told us that they had received little or no help from hotel staff or representatives when making their complaint!



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