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Time for a trip to Tenerife?

Will you opt for popular Tenerife or pick somewhere further afield such as…

Today is the opening of Destinations, the consumer holiday show. This week it is the turn of Manchester to host the three-day show. In a fortnight’s time it will move to Olympia in London.

In Manchester, at Event City, the show will feature some 200 different brands and there will be seventy different tourist boards trying to persuade you that you should holiday in their destination rather than a rival. And yes, they are rivals. Every holidaymaker persuaded to travel to one destination is one lost to a somewhere else.

At London’s Olympia, there will be some 550 brands for visitors to explore as they try and decide where to holiday only to change their mind when they visit the next stand.

For the 6th time in Manchester and the 23rd in London, the Destinations team will provide a combination of exhibitors but with a mixture of faces, some of which will be recognisable from television or books and others that you may not have heard of but who have standing in the travel world.

This year, Michael Palin, Simon Reeve, Levison Wood, Colin Thubron, Nicholas Crane, Julia Bradbury and Miranda Krestovnikoff will be amongst those providing their experiences of places they have visited. Not all will be at both Manchester and London so look at the website to see who is appearing. And visit those that have written guide books. You might not know their names but they will know more about destinations than some locals!

Uganda gorillas

… visiting Uganda and seeing the gorillas in Bindi?

Travel isn’t just about what you can do and find when you get to a destination. It’s the luggage, the clothes, the packing, the food when you get there and making sure that the holiday is memorable. So Destinations doesn’t just have stands about countries or tour operators. You get the chance to sample some of the foods you mind find when you holiday. You get the chance to consider suitable clothing for different parts of the world so that, for example, when you wash something it will dry quickly. Do you really want to take lots of luggage? There is luggage now that is so light that you can lift it with your little finger when it is empty and others have tracking devices in case your luggage gets sent to the opposite ends of the world to where you are going.

That’s the sort of thing you will find at Destinations. And if you think it’s big, visit the consumer travel shows in Germany and France and you will find that you will be jostling with hundreds of thousands of people. But as Destinations grows, in another 23 years, you might find it will be as big as the continental travel shows.

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