easyJet and the bacon butty

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a bacon butty robbery is an obviously big issue for the airline

Stories like the one that I am about to tell you make a very welcome entry into my in-box because it renews your faith in the absurd.

According to yesterday’s Sun, Sharon Gleeson had been a member of the cabin crew on easyJet for three years. She was fired for theft the crime being that she “stole” and ate one bacon butty priced at £4.50.

The background is that she has a nut allergy and her manager had given her the butty because she couldn’t find another at Amsterdam’s Schipol airport that she was positive didn’t contain nuts. He was also fired.

Before you even wonder why the airline took what seems to be draconian action, you might wonder why she was accused of stealing if it was given to her. The reason, according to what was revealed in Cambridge Magistrates Court, was that because she didn’t ask the manager if the food had been paid for. Who does that? A perfectly logical assumption would be that if someone you trusted gave you something you would not question whether it was stolen goods.

The second question is who dobbed the pair in? And why? Even more surprisingly was the fact that when Gleeson was called to a disciplinary hearing she offered to pay for the butty and easyJet refused. It preferred a court case and all the costs that entailed to a quiet word saying don’t do it again and an acceptance of the money.

The judge could see no paper evidence that anything had been stolen and dismissed the case.

If Gleeson and her manager have not been reinstated then they can take the airline to an industrial tribunal for unfair dismissal.

More importantly what sort of company has such a human resources policy that is so stringent and single minded that it comes across as overbearing and unreasonable in its relations with its workers?

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