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klmLate last week we reported on the OAG study of punctuality at airports. The same study also looked at punctuality at airlines so which should you choose if you want an on-time landing in the jargon of air travel?

Flybe comes out as the most punctual of the British and Irish airlines achieving a punctuality rate of 86.62% of flights being on time. Worldwide though, it might be in sixth place but within Europe it is second only to KLM.

Monarch, Aer Lingus and Jet2 also appear in the top twenty calculated on a world-wide basis with scores of 85.67%, 83.97% and 82.64% respectively. easyJet makes it in to the list of top low cost-flyers as well with a punctuality rates of 74.73%.

From the lists supplied by OAG, you can see that British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, Ryanair, Thomson, and TUI don’t appear in the lists at all suggesting that their punctuality rates must be below at least 80% and in the case of Ryanair means that one flight in every four must be late.

Understanding this report though is important. OAG only included airlines where it had access to 80% of all scheduled flights by an airline and, it may be possible, that that threshold might not have been reached from airlines I have mentioned as not appearing.

image of Flybe plane

Flybe is the most puntual British or Irish airline

It shows once again that airlines that are smaller and fly from smaller airports generally look to be more punctual than those using bigger airports.

the exception is KLM. It was listed as the third most punctual in the world –quite an achievement. It is obviously based at one of the busiest airports in the world, Amsterdam Schipol, meaning it is more likely to be hit by delays caused by congestion at peak times. Amsterdam was listed as twentieth in the category of major airports (those with more than 20 million passengers passing through) so KLM’s punctuality is higher than that of its home airport.

From a British or Irish flyer point-of-view, flying long-haul on KLM from an airport (preferably Birmingham as being the most punctual) and hubbing in Amsterdam to transfer to another KLM flight looks to be the best option to minimise delay. For domestic or short haul flights, use Flybe, flying out of Birmingham.


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