Pinot bingo

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A vineyard in the Willamette Valley of Oregon

Willamete valley vineyards. in 21 of them you can play Pinot Bingo

As a way of encouraging you to visit the vineyards of South Willamette Wineries in the US state of Oregon, organisers in Lane County have developed a game that is strictly for adults. Called Pinot Bingo it is played as follows.

Each visit to one of the 21 participating wineries earns a stamp on the Pinot Bingo card. Additionally, players can visit pairing locations any of the three “P” locations on the card to earn a stamp on the bingo card.  The ongoing program features three tiers of prizes up for grabs at the Adventure Centre:

Flight (one row) wins you wine art with a commemorative wooden stand. Bottle (three rows together) gets you an Oregon Pinot Noir Glass and a Full Cellar (all spaces filled in) gives you entry into a grand prize raffle.

Oregon has been growing in international popularity for its wines and new wineries have been opening at a speedy pace. There is even a winery in the largest city, Portland and a few close to the centre of Eugene, the second largest city in the state and the place where Nike started life. In all, there are 500 wineries throughout the length of the Willamette Valley which today produce wines that highly rated. The climate – cooler than its southern neighbour of California – has proved ideal for vine cultivation and, it is claimed, some of the best pinot noir in the world emanates from Oregon wineries.

But what is the use of having some of the best wine if nobody outside the state knows about it? That is where pinot bingo comes in. Since being launched last May, the promotion has reached a wider audience in those countries which provide the greatest numbers of visitors to the state, eg the UK and Germany.

When that first BA flight touches down in Portland, you can bet that someone will be there to persuade visitors to play pinot bingo!

Remember if you are going wine-tasting in the Oregon – or any other US state –  the drinking age is 21 and not 18 as it is in Europe!  

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