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Ryanair says there is no need for flight claims’ companies

Last week, Ryanair issued a strongly worded press release suggesting that there was no need for flight claims’ compensation companies. At the same time it called on the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) to enforce better regulation against ‘claims chasing’ companies.

Ryanair said customers with valid EU261 claims would receive 100% of the compensation due from the airline if they applied directly to the airline. It says there is no need for claim companies and singled out FlightDelays.co.uk in particular.

Ryanair said that these companies charge customers up to 50% of the compensation they receive for delayed or cancelled flights although the highest fee that readers have mentioned to Just about Travel is about 32% which is still a considerable charge to make.

In answer to the query as to why claims companies are needed it is because some airlines and tour operators and airlines are proving to be dragging their feet in paying out compensation. The Daily Mail ran a story back in June about how slow Thomson was in paying out claims and, if you talk to claims’ companies they will cite others.

Too often claims companies will persist where individuals make think that the hurdles placed in their path are not worth the hassle.

The airline says that Flight Delays is “…deliberately issuing court proceedings early to establish its ‘lien’ over customers in order to secure its excessive (up to 50%) cut of compensation due, a practice Liverpool County Court found ‘unreasonable.”

Ryanair went on to say, “In an effort to prevent customers being misled and ‘scammed’ in this manner, Ryanair has offered to pay Flight Delays the €25 admin fee it charges customers for every claim settled, on condition they do not deduct any fees from the compensation paid to customers. Ryanair has also offered to indemnify Flight Delays for the payment of their fees in cases where we have paid compensation directly to the customer following the issuing of proceedings.”

Not only is that a fairly strong comment and offer but Ryanair has gone further. On its website it has placed letters between it and the company for all to see. That is why it is calling on the CMA for tighter regulation believing that the “claims chasing firms” as it calls them are “scamming” the public.

Just about Travel will return to the topic of flight compensation in the new year since there should be reporting to the Civil Aviation Authority in early January by companies involved in trying to resolve claims.

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