Ground-handling strike is off

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Last Saturday I mentioned that Swissport ground handlers would be striking this Friday and Saturday.

That strike has now been called off so there should be no airport disruption other than that which can be expected at any major holiday time.

Talks are going on to try to resolve the announced strike action at British Airways and BA says that it will run a full service. The work to rule action at Virgin Atlantic is set to continue.

Three airports in particular – Birmingham, Newcastle and Southampton should think long hard and long about the agreements they have with Swissport as being the only ground-handling provider at their airports. Shouldn’t there be at least two suppliers at every airport?

In an announcement last week, the Competition and Markets Authority, in a note on the takeover of one ground-handling company by another, highlighted that if the takeover went ahead would mean that there would be competition issues at Aberdeen Airport. That suggests the CMA doesn’t like having a single ground-handling service at airports.

The rail strike on Southern is still set to continue from the 31st of December until the 2nd of January.

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