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RyanairReaders will know that Ryanair has adopted a friendlier stance to customers than they seemed to do in years gone past. This is their “Always Getting Better” customer experience improvement programme

Now the airline crows at the high level of satisfaction that passengers have with the airline. Look more closely however and it seems that Ryanair is putting the best spin that it possibly can on what it releases.

This week it released  its ‘Rate My Flight’ statistics, which “show that 94% of surveyed customers were happy with their overall flight experience in October.”

How does it survey its passengers? There is a Ryanair app which passengers can download enabling those people to rank their overall experience boarding, crew friendliness, service on-board and range of food and drink, on a 5-star rating system, ranging from 1 star for Very Poor, to 3 stars for Ok, to 5 stars for Very Good.

Therefore the “survey” is not statistically valid or remotely accurate because it is limited to those that download the app and then take the trouble to register their opinions.

The airline says that over 17,000 customers used the ‘Rate My Flight’ function in the Ryanair app in October  and “some” 94% of respondents rated their overall trip ‘Very Good /Good/ OK’, recording similar ratings for boarding (87%), crew friendliness (95%), service on-board (93%) and range of food & drink (80%).

For their overall flight then, 6% did not feel that it was very good/good/OK. On the face of it this looks like a small amount but having looked at customer satisfaction ratings over the last twenty-three years involving airlines from around the world, I can say that a figure of between 2% and 4% is more the norm. Ryanair figures look to be at least about 50% worse than the average.

The airline company says that 17,000 customers used the app but the airline flew 10.9 million customers in October meaning that only 0.156% responded! The airline didn’t announce how many people wrote, texted, posted on social media or e-mailed with praise or complaints so we don’t know how significant this number is.

Returning to the 6% that couldn’t rate the trip as very good/good/OK,  it suggests that 654,000 people last month fitted into that category. In a full year up to the end of October, Ryan says that it had 114.4 million customers. Extrapolating that 6% (admittedly an unwise professional thing to do) it looks as though Ryanair has 6.86 million passengers a year who don’t find the airline OK or better which I take to mean poor or very poor.

It also suggests that 22.88 million people find that the airline’s range of food and drink is worse than OK.

Nunbers rather than percentages matter in some cases. If the airline thought about it, converting just a few percentage points from negative comments to positive ones would increase their profits.


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