The night of the Supermoon

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image of the Supermoon

The Spermoon as seen from northern France

Sadly all of us didn’t have a clear sky last Monday night, the 14th of November, to look up to admire the Supermoon, a rare combination with the moon being at its closest distance from earth and receiving a maximum of sun light, making it 14% bigger and 30% brighter than average.

So for all those who unluckily stared at a cloudy sky and for all those who are not patient enough to wait 17 years and 11 nights until next Supermoon on November 25th 2034, we are happy to share our wonderful experience of November 14th with one of the pictures we took that night in our little village in Burgundy. Enjoy!

Editor: Living on this side of the channel, there were few places where a good view was visible. At about 5am on Wednesday the clouds broke in parts of Pembrokeshire giving a view of the Supermoon but never so clearly as the image taken by Frederic and Annick.

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