Motor cyclists and Remembrance Day

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motor kers at the National Arboretum

On a day when there were only 20 or 30 motor bike riders

There seems to be a strong relationship between those who ride motor bikes and keeping the memory of those who have served in the armed forces alive. It isn’t just in this country that the link exists; the same applies in the United States as well and, for all I know, other countries as well.

Readers may remember that Just about Travel has already mentioned the work that motor cyclists do in raising money for the Royal British Legion and the National Arboretum. Each year, motor cyclists start out from points across the UK and drive to the National Arboretum in Staffordshire. Along the way they raise money amongst themselves, their families and passers-by.  Probably this year, they will have raised another £300,000 to add to the many millions they have raised over the years.

When they converge in the Arboretum, there will thousands of bikes and more leather and polished chrome than you can shake a stick at.

Milwaukee in the US state of Wisconsin, is home to the Harley-Davidson Museum and during November it also pays tributes to those who served in the armed services. Entry is free n not just the 11th of November but also the 12th and the 13th. Free entry is also extended to their partners as well as up to four children under the age of eighteen.

Apparently, the first American to enter Germany after World War I did so on a Harley-Davidson motorcycle and maybe this is why such a strong link exists nearly one hundred years’ later.

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