The Trump effect on tourism to the USA

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Will people forego American holidays just because of the election results?

The election of Donald Trump overnight as the next US president has led to some fairly daft pieces of comment from the travel industry yesterday.

I had a press release at 10am from Cheapflights saying, “Since campaigning started in earnest we’ve seen a steady decline in preference for it as a destination.” But the PR agency for the company was a little more aggressive using the headline, “US Tourism to be Trampled by Trump? asks Cheapflights.”

Before the announcement came, Travelzoo said that it had undertaken research and found that 31% of Brits said they would reconsider travel to the US following a Trump win, while 20% said they would definitely not go on holiday there.

“Others” – whoever they are – were saying that they knew people who would never travel there. The demonstrations in cities in the US that are on the media breakfast programmes this morning may cause people to pause for a split second but surely no more than that?

Simon Calder’s story in yesterday’s Independent was headlined “One million fewer British visitors to the US’ predicted as prospective tourists react to Trump’s victory” and then subtitled, “American travel industry alarmed at the prospect of a ‘Trumpaggedon’ boycott.” He had been talking to American delegates to the World Travel Market. I only met one Trump supporter whilst I was there and he was on the Brazil stand!

Chris Leadbeatter in the Telegraph ends his more thoughtful story with “There is an element of gritted teeth to saying this today, but the USA is no worse a travel destination today than it was yesterday, or than it will be in November 2020 or January 2025.”

Just as before Brexit, “commentators” were saying that there would be stock market implications, and so there were yesterday. And they lasted just a few hours. So it will be with holidaymakers. Some may now think that they will not travel there but eventually, many will change their minds. As, I hope, will those dozens of Americans who said they will move into my house for four years if  Trump was elected. If they come, I will need to build an extension. Or three!


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