The Indian e-visa success

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Image of a south Indian tiger

Seeing tigers in south India is one of the reasons for visiting the country

A year ago Just about Travel recorded the introduction of the Indian e-visa which would make it faster and easier to obtain a visa to travel to India.

The India Tourism Office in has released figures showing that 882,000 electronic visas have been issued in the first year to date of the scheme and a quarter of all those issued were to visitors from the UK. Indeed, within the first two months of its use by UK citizens, the UK was number one, ranked first out of 113 countries using the new e-visa scheme.

India has long been a popular destination for British holidaymakers, and attracted 870,000 UK visitors in the last year. Latest figures show that, during July 2016, 16.51% of total foreign tourist arrivals to India were from the UK. Not only have the number of us visiting ndia increased but the e-visa scheme has certainly made it easier to travel to India, as it has reduced the time and expense previously required in securing official permission to enter the country.

No more having to book an appointment and presenting relevant documentation at visa processing centres and no more lengthy queues have ben two of the benefits the other being that a visa costs less now.

If you haven’t used the scheme yet, you can apply at a minimum of four days in advance of the arrival date to India. It costs US$60 (approx. £45) and you can apply up to thirty days in advance so if you applying on October 5th then you can select the arrival date from 9th November to 8th October. You will need the usual passport type photograph and the photo page of your passport containing personal details like name, date of birth, nationality, expiry date etc. is to be uploaded by the applicant.

The application is liable to be rejected if the uploaded document and photograph are unclear and this is one of the biggest causes of rejection. You must pay the US$60 (plus bank charges of 2.5%) at least four days before the date of travel

The electronic visa permits entry to India up to twice in a calendar year.

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