What type of traveller are you?

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What type of traveller are you – budget, eco-conscious, luxury, adventurer? Try our quiz to discover your true wandering spirit.

1. You never travel without…

a) The emergency number for your travel insurance company.

b) A bar of biodegradable soap.

c) Your penknife.

d) A pashmina.

2. Embarking on a 24hr plane journey, what’s your mindset?

a) You’re trying to remember how to get an upgrade.

b) You’re working out how you are going to offset all that carbon.

c) You’re totting up how many countries you could visit if you made the return journey overland.

d) You’re wondering whether they serve Cristal or Krug in first class.

3. Given the choice, your preferred accommodation would be…

a) A hotel room with its own bathroom.

b) A yurt.

c) A bivvy bag.

d) The presidential suite.

4. The only way to travel around is by…

a) Squeezing into an economy hire car.

b) Using your own two feet.

c) Kayak.

d) Private jet, of course.

5. You keep in touch with home by…

a) Sending a postcard.

b) Updating your blog, when you can find an internet cafe.

c) You might give them a ring when you get down off that mountain.

d) Darling, who turns off roaming?

6. You’ve always wanted to see…

a) The Eiffel Tower.

b) Loggerhead turtles.

c) The South Pole.

d) The inside of the Royal Suite at Dubai’s Burj Al Arab.

7. You’d never be seen on the beach without…

a) A windbreak.

b) A bag for your rubbish.

c) Socks and sandals.

d) A pair of Rick Aviators by Tom Ford.

8. The perfect way to relax on holiday is to…

a) Lie on a sunbed with a good book.

b) Salute the sun.

c) Paraglide.

d) Indulge in a four-hand massage in the spa.

9. It’s dinnertime, what’s your preferred place to eat?

a) A restaurant favoured by the locals.

b) Somewhere that has vegan dishes on the menu.

c) A campfire.

d) The nearest three Michelin-starred joint.

10. For your next trip, you’re thinking of visiting…

a) Athens and staying in an Air BnB.

b) A great little yoga retreat in France you’ve heard about.

c) Everest Base Camp.

d) The Caribbean, island-hopping by yacht.

Mainly As:
You’re a budget traveller. You may be operating on a tight budget, but you know how to make the most of it and have fun, too.

Mainly Bs: You’re an eco-conscious traveller. The world is your oyster, but you’re determined to protect it along the way.

Mainly Cs: You’re an adventurer. Who said it’s better to travel than to arrive, was that you?

Mainly Ds: You’re a luxury traveller. Money is no object so why not spend it around the globe?


 Reproduced with permission from How to Pack for Any Trip , © 2016  Lonely Planet

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