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your holiday might have to wait a few hours if you are heading to Dover to catch a ferry

your holiday might have to wait a few hours if you are heading to Dover to catch a ferry

Be warned. There are long delays taking ferries from Dover to Europe.


It seems that the French authorities have increased the amount of time checking travellers, rightly so after the terrorist outrages that they have suffered in the last year. But he delays are lasting up to 12 hours according to the BBC and other media this side of the channel. At one stage it appears that there was just one French customs man working at Dover despite the fact that this weekend is one of the busiest of the year for holidaymakers making their way to France.

I can quite understand why the workload should have increased but surely the authorities would have known how busy this weekend would be and could have planned accordingly? As of 21.00 UK time, the delays are still lengthy and that includes queuing on the roads to get to Dover

Ferry operators are saying that if people miss their crossing they can be on the next without any penalty. The penalty is for those holidaymakers who are losing a day of their holidays.

On this side of the channel, the word is that the delays may last another day or so. On the French side there is no coverage that I can find. France 24 isn’t mentioning this story on their website nor is La Voix du Nord – a leading French language newspaper covering the north of France.

What the French media is reporting is what you might expect. Once, Brits make it across the channel, the news doesn’t get better.  The great French getaway is on and there are traffic jams on many of the roads leading to the south of France.

It appears that security checks were reduced at about lunchtime today so that checks could be speeded up but that isn’t what is wanted. What is wanted is enough staffing to undertake those stringent checks in a timely manner.

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