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Claiming under your travel insurance policy means you need to keep track of the documents you will need. A medical issue may not come to light during or immediately after your holiday so hang on to all the details long after your holiday.

From the giant insurance company, Allianz Global Assistance UK, comes news that one in three claims did not include the right documentation when first filed.

Confirmation of the original travel booking is the most commonly-missed document, which is also one of the most vital for a claims handler to arrange settlement.

This is often received by email by most of us or is accessible through a customer’s online account.  As a result of this, the insurance company is changing traditional insurance practices to ensure, what it claims, is a simple ‘right first time’ claim submission and speedy payment. The new system allows for the booking confirmation document to be easily retrieved and submitted online, wherever the claimant is in the world.

You never realise just how important travel insurance can be until you make a claim. Following on from our story recently that people have policies that don’t provide adequate cover for what the traveller is undertaking, Allianz suggest that travellers always  provide the following when making a claim;

1 –   A digital copy of the original certificate or schedule of insurance

2 –  Trip booking confirmation documents showing the dates of the stay and/or travel along with the names of the individuals on the booking.

3 –  For medical claims, a letter from the treating doctor confirming the exact diagnosis, treatment provided along with the dates of admission and discharge. If you are holidaying in the Europe,  a copy of your EHIC and confirmation of your National Insurance number

4 –  For curtailment claims, written confirmation from the treating doctor that it was medically necessary to cut the journey short.

5   – The name of claimant’s bank and the type of current and credit card accounts held. This is needed for potential recovery purposes only.

6  –  If you cannot provide any of each of the documents then send a covering e-mail or letter explaining the situation.

With the peak summer holiday season only weeks away, the comments of the Head of Travel Operations for Allianz Global Assistance UK, Paul Doran should be remembered, “The more information we receive when a claim first comes through, the quicker we can action and settle it.  Any information, receipts or documents missing will inevitably stall the assessment process”

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