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EASYJET NEW PLANE LIVERYPix.Tim AndersonThe release by easyJet and Ryanair of the number of passengers they carried last month reminds me of just very big and important these two airlines are.

In May, easyJet carried 6,861,040 passengers whilst Ryanair carried 10.6 million. In the twelve months up until the end of May, EasyJet had carried a smidge under 71.5 million passengers whilst their competitor, Ryanair managed 108.5 million.

Consider EasyJet first of all. On its May figures it would become the 39th largest city in the world bigger than Rio de Janeiro. Taking its annual number of passengers and it would be bigger than the UK, France or Italy. If these seem substantial numbers then Ryanair is 40% bigger again.

Just taking its May passengers, it would become the 14th largest city in the world. With its 100 million plus passengers last year it would be bigger than Mexico. Ryanair

Combine the two giants of the low cost and aviation market and the sizes are even more staggering.  Their monthly passengers at about 17.4 million people would be the pair the 4th largest city in the world and bigger than any city in their home patch – Europe.  Their annual number of passengers would top 180 million making it the 6th largest country in the world just behind Brazil.

So when Ryanair announced that it was looking at entering the holiday market you can see how important that could be.  They have the e-mail addresses of all their passengers just as easyJet does. It is cheap and easy to send e-mails so to convert airline passengers into holidaymakers wouldn’t be difficult. Either – or both – could become major players in a very short time.

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