World Tapas Day

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tapas at Bar Bergara in San Sebastian ©

tapas at Bar Bergara in San Sebastian ©

In this life, there are celebrations of something almost every day. Its picnic month, cheese month and father’s day is upon us soon. But it is World Tapas Day today.

Millions of us have holidayed in mainland Spain, the Canaries or the Balearics and most will have come across tapas and tapas bars. As most readers will know, tapas consists of small plates of different foods so it’s ideal for sharing or trying out new foods without wasting a whole meal if you don’t like it. The word “tapas” has almost become international – a word meaning small plates of different foods and now, other cuisines have taken it up as a descriptor of what they offer.

The Spanish tourist authority has described – with pictures – twenty different types of tapas on its website as a guide to what we might find in Spanish restaurants both there and here. Just a plate of mussels or calamari requires little thought but the mix of some foods works well such as black pudding and chorizo which is served with rice, pescaíto (tiny fried fish a bit like whitebait) or croquetas which can have almost anything inside.

In Spain, going out for tapas is as common as going to the pub for a quick pint. The comparison is not dissimilar because students and the more youthful have tapas crawls where they will go from place to place sampling different regional specialities.

Some of the recipes for tapas are to be found on the website that has been put up to celebrate the day. Here you’ll find that London and Dublin (but not any other UK or Irish city) are listed as places where the day will be celebrated. The Dublin page lists some restaurants that are involved but there is no listing – as yet – on the London page but that may change as the day begins.

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