Be there 30 minutes early or miss the flight

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EASYJET  NEW PLANE LIVERYPix.Tim AndersoneasyJet has announced that its passengers should be at the gate thirty minutes before the flight departs or else!

By that I mean that passengers will be refused entry to the plane. The reason given by the airline is that it has introduced the new policy to try and improve punctuality. For those who don’t make the gate on time, the airline will charge you £80 to re-book on a later flight or, you can if you wish, just not take the flight. How will this be determined? The airline says that when the boarding passes are scanned at the gate they will be able to know if you are within thirty minutes. If you are, forget being on that flight.

Will this work? Should it work?

For a start punctuality is not often due to the passenger; it is due to bunching flights clogging up air traffic control. Secondly, when it is a passengers fault won’t there still be delays because easyJet will have to have crew searching through the luggage hold to remove the bags of the late passenger?  But maybe the airline thinks that late arriving passengers will only have cabin baggage!

easyjet will have to change things a bit themselves. They often don’t give gate details until they thirty minutes before a flight. Now they will have to give at least 45 minutes notice of the gate because slow moving passengers will need all of that time to get to the gate from the departure lounge. And who is to say that the timing me chanism at the gate is accurate enough to tell the difference between 29 minutes and 31 minutes before the sc heduled flight departure time?

As for the £80 charge, is that a fair and reasonable charge to make? I would have thought that the sum might be considered excessive considering the work involved.

this is one of those ideas that doesn’t seem to have been thought out properly. It might also be one of those “rules” that exists but is never enforced.


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